Jackee is a member of Queensland Writers Centre and Australian Writers, and although working full time in Government, writing continues to fulfil her thoughts during down time and something she has always loved, sitting in the evening and most Saturdays with pencil in hand, honing her skills on descriptive writing that shows depth and description. As a writer she has been attending many of the classes offered in Brisbane to further enhance her skills.   Jackee’s debut book was written with the deep seated intention of helping any person be it mother, child or father that has been touched by adoption.

Her debut book Relinquished, Returned, Rejected, a memoir both adoption and still birth, was published in 2015. This book is now  part of the Books From Our Backyard Series for 2015 in the Queensland State Library and will be on display for the next twelve months. Jackee is also a member of Queensland Authors, a Brisbane based group supporting each other on their writing journey.

One Little Pea in Two Pods will be available in early 2017. This novelette is written in support of troubled foster care children and the negativity that can cause low self-esteem attached to the stigma that goes with being a foster child. Jackee’s aim is to instil a can do culture into their thoughts and actions in the hope that the foster care dishonour many feel is erased. This is a global issue.