Jackee Ashwin

11 December at 20:18 · Brisbane ·

I am so humbled from the emails and messages I am getting from such beautiful people who have lost their children to either adoption or still birth. Thank you from my very being for knowing within your soul, the heartache, misery and life changing event such as these that mould your life forever. Nobody can ever identify with loss until they have lost a baby who has spent 9 months as a little life growing steadily inside you, a part of you to adoption, the heart wrenching life changing experience and life numbing experience of that child being wheeled screaming along a cold corridor to a room, so alone, you too are so alone and pining for the little being you have nurtured for 9 months… Thank you to those who have purchased my book, for the numerous emails of absolute awe… I know I have told the world my story, I am not ashamed, I am humbled by your understanding xx


 Joanne –

Hi Jackee. .. received your book today, thank you. I can’t put it down. I think we may have attended Tech somewhere around the same time. My youth was so similar to yours… My son was born on 26th November 1983. Your description of the QV transports me straight back there. Beautifully written. Thank you again.

 Kim –

This book is a must read! True story written by a friend from my childhood days. Contact Jackee Ashwin if you would like to buy a copy. Thank you for sharing your story. I loved it so much that I read the whole book this morning and I don’t often read. I recommend your book to anybody .

This morning I sat down to start reading a paragraph or so, but found that I couldn’t put it down. I’ve now finished reading your story and found it very emotional.   I was in awe at some of your past history, sad for you, happy for you, relieved for you, shocked for you, surprised and sad again so many times.   I am also very proud for you to have put it down in print and to have gone ahead and printed it for all to see.   I am also proud for you that you appear to have now found peace.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I was thoroughly enthralled with your book and I know that you are not looking for sympathy but I honestly feel for you and I’m not sure what word to use but I am thankful or grateful to have read your story.   Thank you for sharing it with the world.   I do hope that you have lots of success with it.   I will definitely be recommending it to my friends.


Sam –

Had the great privilege of receiving my book in the mail today from when I opened it I couldn’t put it down till I had finished it I enjoyed reading the book very much words straight from the heart a must read book.

Tanya –

As one of the few people who had the honour to read her book in draft form, I can honestly say the book is an inspiration to anyone who has been touched by adoption or stillbirth. Head over to her author page Jackie Ashwin to see how inspirational she is for yourself.

Jane –

Jackee, it absolutely hits the heart, but not as hard as it hit yours. Sending love your way for being so brave. 💕

 Marg –

Very well written and easy to read. I am finding it difficult to put my thoughts into words as the book was very triggering for me, which has to mean it gets the point across hey. I hope this brings you some kind of lessening of the pain and my heart aches for you that you are not in touch any more. So many questions still unanswered, the what ifs, what if nature and not nurture had been his life. Sad Christmas coming up for you but I hope you have lots of joy and good times ahead xx

Jenny in Tas

“I have finally read your book, and let me tell you, if you lived in Tassie I would have been on your doorstep to give you a big hug (and have a little drink!!) I’m not sure how you went through what you did and managed to be the happy, bubbly person I have known over the years, well done and remember, never say never.
I hope you are both well and keeping busy. If we ever we get up your way I’ll let you know and maybe we can have that drink!